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ruler.jpgI am Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education, College of Education , where I co-direct the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program. I am also a member in the Mathematics Education Faculty group. I received by Ph.D. degree in Educational Psychology from UC-Berkeleyin 1990 after working primarily by the guidance and direction of Andy diSessa and Alan Schoenfeld .

My principal research interest concerns the nature and development (i.e., long-term learning and change) of people's understandings of mathematical ideas typically encountered prior to high school, including spatial measurement, algebraic expression and argument, and rational numbers. Other interests include mathematics use in workplaces, the relation of epistemology to learning, intuitive understandings in learning mathematics and science, and the nature of mathematics teaching. I have directed the Mathematical Transitions Project and the Strengthening Tomorrow’s Education in Measurement projects, both funded by NSF. Currently, I direct the Strengthening Measurement Curriculum, Teaching, and Research project, also funded by NSF.

Though I am John P. Smith III in print, I am “Jack Smith” to my students, colleagues, and friends.

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